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        Powder metallurgy parts widely used in the industry, junjie powder upgrade process breakthrough of foreign technology monopoly

        In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, the demand for powder metallurgy products is constantly expanding. The most important market of powder metallurgy parts industry has gradually evolved from refrigerator compressor industry, air conditioning compressor industry and motorcycle industry to automobile industry. It is known that the average use of powder metallurgy products per vehicle in Europe is 14kg, Japan is 9kg, and the United States has reached more than 19.5kg, and it is expected to reach 22kg in the next few years. However, as far as China is concerned, the current average consumption of powder metallurgy products per vehicle only reaches 5 ~ 6kg. Considering the factors of energy saving and emission reduction, domestic enterprises will use more powder metallurgy technology to produce auto parts in the future.

        Domestic enterprises will use more powder metallurgy technology to produce auto parts in the future
        Although in our country, powder metallurgy technology has a huge development space. However, in terms of technology, China's powder metallurgy market is still in the basic stage of small enterprise scale, poor independent development ability and weak technical force. Few enterprises can truly realize mass production of high-end products. Of course, less does not mean no, at this stage can really compete with the level of foreign powder metallurgy enterprises, jun jie powder should belong to a.
        Junjie powder, relying on the strong technical research ability of the powder metallurgy research institute of Peking University, specializes in the production of various precision and complex metal parts by powder injection molding technology, and takes the lead in the breakthrough of powder metallurgy production technology, breaking the technical monopoly of foreign products. Especially after the development of recent years, junjie powder has already formed a cohesive combat team, and has incomparable advantages in research and development with other companies. In terms of production, junjie powder can not only produce products according to the requirements of customers' drawings, but also directly participate in the product design of customers and provide customers with all-round product design and services such as material selection and performance improvement.
        It is reported, jun jie powder has developed more than 5000 varieties independently now, the product covers automobile, home appliance, consumer electronics, communication, medical apparatus and instruments, hardware tools and other major fields. Products are sold throughout the country, and a batch of exports to the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and other regions. At the same time to provide customers with powder metallurgy products processing technology services, it can be said that junjie powder really to provide customers with a full range of solutions.

        Junjie powder can provide customers with a full range of solutions
        At present, the application of powder metallurgy technology is more and more extensive, especially with the development of the automotive industry and the improvement of energy saving and emission reduction requirements, more and more industries need to use powder metallurgy process production, as far as the domestic, the demand for powder metallurgy auto parts application will continue to grow. Therefore, if domestic enterprises want to maintain certain industry competitiveness in the future, they must constantly strengthen the management level, invest in better equipment and talent, and improve powder metallurgy production technology. Of course, as the leading enterprise of powder metallurgy in China, junjie powder will never stop. In the future, junjie powder will further expand its market share, maintain continuous technological innovation, further improve its management level in strict accordance with the quality system, and advance towards the goal of internationalization!
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